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Ward 1 councillor Darren Hill

April 12, 2012

What Matters To You!

The City of Saskatoon released a strategic plan that will help the city take its place among the most progressive and innovative cities in Canada. This plan has already proven to be a valuable tool to guide City Council as we respond to the challenges and opportunities of our city’s growth.

I’m very pleased with the result because people actively participated through “Saskatoon Speaks” events and spoke to us about their ambitions and aspirations for their city. Our citizens care about their community and the direction of their city. This plan is solid and captures the vision of the community.

The plan sets out these seven strategic goals, which will guide City Council’s decision-making over the next ten years: Continuous Improvement, Asset and Financial Sustainability, Quality of Life, Environmental Leadership, Sustainable Growth, Moving Around, and Economic Diversity and Prosperity.

Among the seven strategic goals contained within the Strategic Plan, Sustainable Growth and Moving

Around create the main framework for Council decision-making and administrative policy-making over the next ten years. The goals advance three main elements that will be important to Saskatoon’s success:

• The need to move people to workplaces in the north end, at the University of Saskatchewan, and downtown;

• The need to move people faster and more efficiently west and east, and;

• The need to build “in” and “up” along those key pathways instead of expanding out.

Striving to achieve the ideas related to Sustainable Growth and Moving Around is critical to achieving the other five strategic goals.

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