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Posts from the ‘Editorial’ Category

CPCA opposes 33rd Street bridge proposal

On October 15th the CPCA voted unanimously against the proposed 33rd street bridge. We urge the residents of City Park to stay informed on the project and to make their opinion heard by attending the upcoming community consultation meeting on October 21st at Mayfair United Church from 4:30 to 8:30pm and by contacting City Counsellor Darren Hill. The proposed plan will direct traffic from the University bridge to the 33rd street bridge, increasing traffic drastically on 33rd street. 


Jane’s Walk fosters community pride

The work of Jane Jacobs centered on creating concepts and systems that will better understand these type of questions, while seeking to achieve better answers to them as well.

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Searching for a balance: will ‘pocket park’ off-set parking lot?

In 2010, Meridian Developments purchased the FNUC property on Duke and 7th. The site will soon become corporate headquarters for Affinity Credit Union, with roughly 200 employees and a swarm of vehicles.

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The Potato Patch

City Park has been home to “The Potato Patch” — a garden for the Food Bank — for the past two summers. Oct. 11 saw the last of this year’s crop harvested and delivered to the Food Bank larder.

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