Playing Out – Building Community Through Front Yard PlayWhen: Saturday, May 27th, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Where: 6th Ave North

What: Research shows the benefits of playing outside, and we’ve seen firsthand how our children, families, and community have benefited from front yard play.
Inspired by the ‘Playing Out’ movement in the UK ( We are a group of neighbours who are passionate and dedicated to front yard play, so we wanted to invite you and your kids to our front yards as we host our first ‘Playing Out’ event. The plan is to block off the street and play! Just like our daily front yard play, this is a laid back event. You bring your kids, your bikes, scooters, and anything else you want to play with. We will provide the sidewalk chalk and bubbles! 
Come out to play and be inspired to start playing in your own front yard! This event hosted in collaboration with the City Park Community Association.
*note: event will be cancelled if there are unfavourable weather conditions
This event is part of NatureCity Festival 2017. Check out the full festival listing at

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