Happy Holidays everyone! Residents of City Park are invited to submit a photo of their most festive outdoor holiday decorations to our photo contest. The photos will be displayed on our Facebook page, and the image with the most likes will receive two tickets to the City Park Community Association Wine Night, which takes place on March 10 (valued at more than $60).


Email a maximum of two photos to meghansuzanne@gmail.com by 11:30 pm on Friday, Dec. 9. In the email please include:

  1. Your first name
  2. Your address (this will not be published)
  3. A description of the photo
  4. How long you’ve lived in City Park


Voting will run from 8 am on Dec. 13 to 5 pm on Dec. 27. Everyone with a Facebook account can vote.


The rules:

  1. Only two photos per household can be submitted to the contest
  2. You must reside in the property you photograph
  3. The property photographed must be within City Park
  4. Photos submitted must have been taken in December 2016

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