The City will begin the annual fall street sweeping program Monday, October 17. The ten day fall sweep is designed to remove fallen tree foliage and debris on the roadway in select neighbourhoods to reduce the potential for spring flooding. 

What can residents expect?

Fall street sweeping will occur in Varsity View, Westmount, Riversdale, King George, City Park, Caswell Hill, Buena Vista, Nutana, Holiday Park, and North Park.

Bright yellow ‘No Parking’ signs will be posted 36-48 hours in advance of sweeping. Visit to find out when sweeping will occur in your area.

The program is weather dependent. If there is sustained sub-zero temperatures, sweeping may not occur.

What can residents do?

Please remove your vehicle(s) by 7 a.m. on the posted sweeping day to avoid a ticket and/or relocation to a nearby street. If your vehicle is moved, visit for its location.

Pick up and place your leaves and debris in your green cart or take them to one the City’s free compost depots, which are open until November 13.

Please note that the City will investigate reports of residents pushing leaves and debris onto the street and may issue a Bylaw Notice. Excessive debris and leaves on the street can delay sweeping and may result in streets being removed from the program. Bylaw violations can be reported to the Bylaw Inspector at 306-975-3193.

Please visit for the latest street sweeping schedules or sign up for street sweeping service alerts for notifications of cancelled or incomplete sweeping areas. 

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