Do you have unwanted items in good, clean condition? Do you want free household stuff? Swap them! Join the Curbside Swap on September 12, or plan your own neighbourhood or household swap.
At a Curbside Swap, unwanted items in good condition are placed on the curb and marked as free, for anyone to pick-up. Participating in a Curbside Swap builds a sense of community, and giving these items a new home keeps them out of our landfill.
Starting early on September 12, residents can begin placing unwanted items out on their curb. After that, all items clearly marked as “FREE” are available to pick up. The swap ends by 6:00 p.m. when any unclaimed items are returned back into homes, along with any newfound treasures. Please remember to obey all traffic laws and to watch for children.
Some items you might find at a Curbside Swap include: Appliances, Bicycles, Tools, Furniture, Books/movies/CDs/DVDs, Building material, Computers and electronics, Yard and garden equipment, Clothes, Sporting goods.
The September 12 Curbside Swap is a one-day event supported by the City of Saskatoon. The City encourages neighbourhoods and individuals to plan your own Curbside Swap.

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