Please see the attached poster from Janis Hutton and Kim Miller.

If you are interested in the dinner and dance, please drop Janis a line with your address and she can drop by with a ticket for you.  Cheques can be made out to Kim Miller, Saskatoon Salsa Dance Co. or Danza Morena Dance Academy.

For the dance only, we are asking for a $10 donation.   Although there will be a cash bar available (on the City Perk Patio), all ages are welcome to attend.  You are most welcome to mosey by and join in the day of as well.  But for the dinner, I need to give the food truck accurate numbers, so please let me know by Sunday August 16th. Menu looks scrumptious and you can eat whenever you choose to arrive.  City Perks will also be open to the public providing regular service until 10pm.

I am so excited to have a street dance party in my hood and mostly to support the meaningful  entrepreneurial efforts of a deserving family in Cuba near and dear to many of us here in Saskatoon.

Hope you are all having an amazing summer 😉
salsa inthe street poster

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