Street sweeping in City Park

The City sweepers are coming our way!

Please help by moving your vehicles on streets posted with street sweeping signs.  The bright yellow “No Parking” signs are delivered 2-3 days ahead, please check the date and move your vehicles by 7 AM to avoid a parking ticket.  You can park there again after 3 PM that day and the signs will be taken down the next morning.  If it rains or there is a change, the signs get updated for a new date.

Again this year, the areas around the schools are skipped during daytime neighbourhood sweeping for the safety of students.  Starting May 27, school zones will be posted with No Parking signs and vehicles will be ticketed and towed to a nearby street (new for this year).   Please watch for bright yellow signs in and around the 30km/hr school zone in your neighbourhood and have your vehicles moved out of this area from 8 PM to 6 AM.

Visit the City’s website for the full schedule and Street Sweeping service alerts, or take advantage of our new interactive map.

Thanks, and we’ll see you soon!


Garden Patch and 2015 Growing Season

Thank you to Brit from the Garden Patch and Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre for presenting to our community association!

Everyone is invited to celebrate the launch of the 2015 growing season on Wednesday May 27, 4-8pm

Want to help out? Help start the growing season by rolling up your sleeves this Saturday (May 23) from 1-3pm.

Treasurer Wanted!

Our Community Association is currently seeking applications for the position of Treasurer. This executive position includes the following duties:

  • Keeps regular books and records of the association’s finances;
  • Has signing authority on documents and cheques drawn on association funds;
  • Prepares and presents financial statements for regular association meetings;
  • Presents the annual financial statement at the Annual General Meeting; and
  • Assists with application for grants as applicable.


Why Volunteer for your Community Association?

The volunteers who serve on the Community Association executive coordinate recreational, sports, & social activities, encourage a sense of community & act as a liaison with the City of Saskatoon on a number of issues affecting the neighbourhood.

Our executive is made up of volunteers who live in the community. We are involved in programs & services aimed at improving the quality of life for our residents living in our community. This involvement can range from running a community event, to being involved in other projects involving the City of Saskatoon.

Consider joining this group so you can be a part of making a difference!

For more information, please e-mail or send a private Facebook message:

Email: or

Facebook: City Park Community Association