The City of Saskatoon will begin installing new FlexParking pay stations in the downtown and core business districts on Wednesday, December 10, 2014, however the stations will not be operational until early 2015.

“This flexible, pay-by-plate system will replace the individual coin meters in the city’s Downtown, Broadway, Sutherland and Riversdale business districts,” says Angela Gardiner, Director of Transportation. “The easy to use system will enable citizens to pay using coins, credit cards, the new City Parking Card and, in the near future, cell phones. It also allows you to park at various locations throughout the city on a single payment.”

Drivers may move around the city and occupy several spaces, using their single parking purchase at multiple spots. However, drivers must still obey the posted time limits associated with each new space. Parking commissioners will be able to tell how much time your vehicle has sat in each location through the aid of licence plate identification and recognition software.

The new machines are solar powered and ticketless; you simply enter your licence plate number at the nearest pay station, make your payment and walk away. Since your payment is tied to your licence plate, there is no need to display a ticket on the dash. Receipts are issued as requested. In total, 325 pay stations will replace 2,800 coin meters; parking fees will remain unchanged.

“We had been hearing from residents that the old meters were dated and inflexible, especially as cash is used less and less for transactions and fewer people are carrying change,” says Gardiner. “Until the new systems are activated, people should continue to plug the old coin meters. Once the new stations are active, the existing meters will be hooded until they are removed.”

A map showing  where the new FlexParking pay stations are being installed is available at and people are also encouraged to try out the new pay station in the City Hall foyer where a test station has been installed. Note that the test station only accepts credit cards but that no charges will be applied to your card for these tests.

For more information about the new FlexParking pay stations visit or call 306-975-2980.

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