North Park Wilson School is a great place to be.  Our school, servicing the North Park, Richmond Heights, City Park and Kelsey/Woodlawn neighbourhoods, is a meeting place for students and their families.  One of the great things about being a neighbourhood school is that our children and their parents get to know one another.  They meet and visit in the hallways, on the sidewalk as they walk to school or at one of the events sponsored by the school or our busy parent council. The connection between our staff, children and families makes our school feel like a friendly, small town.

As a Center of Excellence Through the Arts, our students have the opportunity to learn about, through and within the arts. But, we do way more than the arts.  We have a strong curricular focus.  On any given day you could see students creating science fair projects, engaged in lively conversation about social issues, working in small groups to solve challenging math problems and of course reading alone or talking about books with friends.  We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities including: cross country, basketball, volleyball, in motion events, Circus Arts, jazz band, indoor track, dance club, book club, art club, jump rope for heart… We are a busy, vibrant school!

We welcome you to stop in for a visit, check out our public website or give us a call at 306 683 7380.   We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sharron Champ

Principal North Park Wilson School


Grasslands Garden

As many City Park residents have children who attend North Park Wilson School, this will be of interest. North Park Wilson School invites you to join them as they renew the grasslands garden at the front of the school. Their vision is to establish a community garden space that welcomes birds, butterflies, children and community members. Come join us and be a part of the planning team, clean-up crew or ongoing maintenance team.

Contact Lee Jacobson or Sybille Silbernagel at North Park Wilson School (683 7380) for planning committee information.

We are hosting a cleanup day on Saturday, May 24 from 9-12. Weeds have overtaken the garden. Bring a rake, wheel barrow or shovel and help us reclaim the space. Many hands make light work! Come on out and lend us a hand!

Once we have reclaimed this space, ongoing maintenance will be important if we want our garden to keep looking its best. We are looking for gardeners who wouldn’t mind volunteering a little time to keep our garden looking great for years to come. Contact Lee or Sybille at the school (683 7380) if you are interested in volunteering your time or serving as a volunteer coordinator.



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