SASKATOON (February 14, 2012): The City Park Community Association (CPCA) deeply regrets the imminent demolition of the Bethany Home on Queen Street. The destruction of this historic character building will be a loss not just to City Park but also to the people of Saskatoon as very few such 100-year old residences remain in our city.

We appreciate that the new owner and developer of the site offered the house to the city and attempted to have it moved off the lot so as to preserve the building. We feel however that more houses such as the Bethany Home should be designated as heritage buildings. The City of Saskatoon also needs to provide more protection for our historic buildings that are currently not designated as heritage, including putting in place an extensive consultation process with the neighbourhood affected before a demolition permit is granted.

For more information contact CPCA President Michael Murphy at 244-5267 or vice-president Janice Braden at 321-2310.