The Citizen Patrol Program is a city-wide campaign — led by the Saskatoon Police Service — to rally volunteers to be the “eyes and ears” for police, in an attempt to deter criminal activity.

According to the Saskatoon Police Service website, citizen patrol volunteers bring a positive visable presence to the neighbourhood and have “firsthand knowledge of who does and doesn’t live” in a certain community.

The program organizes groups of volunteers and provides brief police instruction on how to document suspicious behavior.

As of now, City Park does not run a Citizen Patrol Program. However, John Ng has stepped up and is looking for enthusiastic, responsible and caring people to join him in volunteering for the program.

You can volunteer as much time as you can afford. Working in teams, volunteers either bike, jog or drive around the neighbourhood wearing vests, usings flashlights and cell phones.

To read more, go to the official Saskatoon Police Service website located at, select Programs and Services along the left hand tab, and choose the first drop-down option “Citizen Patrol.”

To participate contact your local Citizen Patrol coordinator John Ng at or Constable Weins/Sergeant McAvoy at 975-2265.

Photo: Saskatoon Police

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